Wellbeing tourism in the South Baltic Region

Wellbeing is well doing

Welcome, enjoy the beauty of the South Baltic Region

The South Baltic Region have a beautiful  and magnificent nature and it is rich of cultural heritage just waiting to be explored during your next vacation, weekend or trip. But travelling is not only to about moving around to different places. 

Traveling is about experiences, recovery, enjoyment, feeling harmony, happiness, excitement  but whilst feeling good you can also be doing good.  When you enjoy the accommodation, places and activities that is included in the #homeofwellbeing you know that the people around you as well as the nature is being treated with respect and are cared for. 

Wellbeing is well doing for body, mind, soul, environment, society and for the economy - for you as well for all others!


How to be a Wellbeing tourist?

Wellbeing Tourism - a specific type of tourism intended to promote and maintain a positive health of body, mind and soul, that is composed of products and services drawn upon a sustainable interaction with the surrounding environment and community.

As a wellbeing tourist you will


Take care of your body, embrace it with love, exercise for happiness, eat healthy organic food, drink plenty of water, breathe. Be #harmonious


Take care of your mental and emotional health. Read a book, meditate, do yoga, make time for yourself, be in silence, make new friends, have a nice conversation.
Find #balance


Connect with yourself, share joy and care for others. Experience the art and the sounds of nature. Be #connected


Benefit from the ecosystem services in a sustainable way and live within the planetary boundaries. Reduce energy usage and promote recycling and reuse as well as renewable energy sources. Take care of the planet and our environment, reduce waste and greenhousegas emissions. Be #smart


Contribute to a fair economy where the planet and the people are prioritized over profit. Strengthen the local economy. Think and act #different


Enjoy and take care of our cultural heritage, support the
local business and the local
people. Stand for equality, sustainable 
inclusiveness, and diversity.
Be #caring


For you

Together we can reduce the negative impact of tourism and increase the benefits of meeting others, caring for nature and protect our cultural heritage

- the wellbeing team

Our regions

During 2019 and 2020 companies providing wellbeing accommodations, food and activities will have the possibility to evaluate and if necessary develop their business to be qualified as wellbeing companies. After qualification they will be displayed on this web page so you can find out all about them. We will also recommend beaches, hiking and biking trails, protected areas and more, that have wellbeing qualifications in our regions. 


Kalmar county a #homeofwellbeing. You will find UNESCO World Heritage site, amazing beaches, beautiful countryside, wildlife, silence, harmony, sunset, outdoor activity, art - and you will #findyourself!

Wellbeing offers_bathing beaches_DK_PP9_

Long and wide beaches with fine white sandand dunes is a main characteristic. The Region Zealand consists only of islands and has 1.861 km of protected and unspoiled coastline. It goes without saying that you can find acrowd-freespot to enjoy the view and sound of the ocean and breath in the fresh sea air.


The wellness power of Western Lithuania is arising from natural beaches, rivers, lakes, forests, parks, and strengthened by cultural heritage, friendly people, variety of harmonizing activities and services and places to bring Your body, mind, soul to state of wellbeing.


Polish coastline invites you to the baltic home of #wellbeing. Untouched nature, beautiful landscapes, unique cuisine, high quality services and unforgettable experiences are all you need to relax. Treat yourself well!


The Vogelparkregion Recknitztal invites you to a variety of quiet outdoor activities in a calm and unspoiled nature. Relax while exploring the old manor houses and gardens and taste the regional handmade food specialities in the #homeofwellbeing.


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